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DEPRESSION (By Misha Frankel)

How is depression caused and when did it start? This issue was becoming very wide-spread in society and following a deep meditation in 1999 the following article was born.

An emotional response to certain actions or events can be a trigger that causes depression.

When something happens to establish the first trigger, it establishes a 'plan' for future such triggers so any "like actions" feeds the imbalance and the fine line between "major trigger reaction (TR)" and "minor trigger reaction" gets smaller and smaller.

The body’s mechanism to counter these triggers is to develop a counter-reaction to protect it against development of depression.

E.g. Emotional hurt through another person's attitude or an extreme event, is countered by blocking out the hurt.

This can have a detrimental effect in that blocked reactions can build up and get to the point where a minor occurrence representative of the cause of the "Trigger" sets a chain reaction into motion.

By acknowledging and recognising the TR there is a need to understand the original cause. The TR develops because our expectations of life, people and circumstances do not meet our internal standards or boundaries. So, when something adverse happens we feel let down, and this causes an inner disappointment which questions our worth and reduces our self esteem.

In recognising that we are not all perfect, yesterday's reactions and triggers need to be resolved by the mind and let go. This is easier said than done!

By countering/releasing the reactive process, the effect of the Trigger is diminished. It is like building up a buffer between two things to reduce the pressure, this results in a calming or reduced response. (A washer in a tap stops the leaks and reduces friction).
  • The reactive response through Emotional Triggers needs to be acknowledged.
  • The cause of the reactions needs to be acknowledged by the mind and its hold released.
  • This cause is what drives our emotions so there is a need to go back to the beginning and release ourselves from emotional ties to that Event.
The issue of blame, guilt etc. which is taken on by the mind blocks clear thought and feeds the emotions. However, once the cause is realised, there is a need to forgive all parties who were involved in its development as this allows the energies to flow and releases the block.

This process gives back ones sense of worth and identity and acknowledges that no one is perfect and that there are always two sides to a person and an issue.

The feeling of being the cause of an unpleasant situation means you own it. This is not true. You simply experienced both sides of a situation, judged the positive and negative in line with your own expectations, and came up with an ideal which was not achieved. The result is a feeling of being let down and all such let downs act as knocks to our sense of worth.

By releasing the original cause and forgiving all parties the mind and emotions are harmonised and the physical is stabilised.

The forgiving process does not have to be a personal confrontation, but truly felt in the heart and mentally released. In this way you give back to the person that part of their spirit you are holding on to and this lightens your load and clears the mind.

This is the baggage referred to as unfinished business around major events in our lives which provoked a negative reaction in the first place.

To attain Harmony within our lives, we need to reduce to a minimum the baggage we carry around with us. So don't hold on to yesterday and the past but live in the NOW without imposing judgements.

These Triggers are sent as challenges in our life's journey so, once acknowledged and solved or learnt, we need to let them go and move on. In this way do we progress and evolve.

Mental harmony and emotional peace results in physical health and well being.


We tend to keep active in order not to experience non-activity and silence. This can be confronting for some people as it provides a gap that allows the self to consider itself in silence. From that space in silence arise thoughts and feelings of another kind.

Inner realisations give deeper meaning to life but, when this inner knowing conflicts with standard knowledge, a type of fear emerges that questions the realities of life. The basis on which everyday life is lived is then rocked. This can either provoke retreat and a negation of the experience or an awakening and a desire to seek further openings to expand and understand the unfolding scope of life from a different agenda.

It is like going back to school to re-learn the basics of life’s lessons. However, in this case the lessons are internal, very private and self-fulfilling. Their impact is of a deeper nature and has greater effect on life’s direction.

The journey encompasses a wider field of experience and we add a new arrow to our armoury – and thus interact with others in a different way. Our mind has expanded and our actions stem from a space of instinctive knowing not simply a pool of learned studies and facts.

If these types of realisations are accepted by the rational mind an opening is made available for growth and the Inner Journey begins. It can be an exciting time, filled with new discoveries which broadens our view of life and softens the edges of our immediate reactions to life’s varied activities.

The self-same activities that originally caused a fleeing from facing life through the contrived need to always be active, suddenly is seen in a different light. With our new-found knowing we move through our own needs and realise the essence of “why” we act in this way. This understanding is like a light being switched on and this “Light” can only be known from within. The realisation is then brought home clearly that it is always there but is simply waiting for us to access It.

Inner strength and resolve lead the way to change one’s life path from pure acceptance of how others have shaped our lives to a desire to take the driving back into our own hands and steer our own path, led by our own needs, truth and purpose.

The power of our activities is then open to change with full acceptance of the outcome. Expectation is changed to anticipation and we realise the joy of new options that opens up. The joy of being able to make new life choices and move away from the predictable to an expanded awareness, with flexibility and growth as our objective.

Our path has changed and life’s journey has greater meaning.
Connecting Energies

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